To assist applicants with the hiring process and prepare for a career in law enforcement, the Personnel Division offers free workshops and the Physical Abilities Test (PAT).  

 Hiring Process Workshop

  • Useful for people who are interested in applying for the Community Police Officer position and want to know more about the daily duties and Portland Police Bureau career opportunities.
  • Information on required qualifications what an individual can do to prepare themselves for a law enforcement career.
  • Overview of the entire hiring process to include required testing, application, interview and background investigation.
  • Specific instructions on completing the Personal History Statement (PHS).
  • Opportunity to speak one-on-one with police officers about the Portland Police Bureau.
  • Background investigators available to advise on individual Personal History Statement (PHS). documents

  Times and registration


Physical Ability Test (PAT)

  • Required event to test applicants’ physical strength, muscular endurance, coordination and agility.
  • Interested applicants can take the Physical Ability Test at any time, scores are valid for one year.
  • It is recommended to schedule the PAT at the beginning of the application process.
  • ORPAT is an accepted alternative to the PAT.

 Times and registration