Portland Police Reserve Officer Program

The Portland Police Reserve Unit is comprised of men and women who volunteer their time and effort to serve and protect the City of Portland. Reserve officers are volunteers assigned to uniformed, armed duties or non-uniform, unarmed duties. Reserve officers receive training in a variety of law enforcement skills, both academic and tactical. The Reserve Academy is held annually in September and lasts for approximately five months (finishing in February).  Classes are held Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturdays.  All training is paid for and approved by the Portland Police Bureau.

Being a Reserve Officer is rewarding and a great way to serve your community as well as experience what it is like to be a police officer. It is also a great way to possibly work into becoming a full-time paid police officer, if candidates do not currently meet education requirements. Portland Police Reserve Officers who serve 2 years in the Portland Police Bureau Reserve Program and have a minimum of 500 service hours after initial training are eligible to transition to a full-time position.  Upon verification of the required hours, Reserve Officers will go through an expedited background investigation covering the time from the completed Reserve background investigation to the present date prior to hiring into a full-time position.     


Reserve Duties

Under the direction of Reserve Coordinator,  Reserve Officers perform many duties similar to those of full-time Police Officers:

·         Patrol support (patrolling in uniform in a police car)

·         Assist with arrests and transporting prisoners to jail

·         Assist with special missions (drug details, prostitution missions)

·         Presidential and VIP security

·         Assist at traffic collisions, enforce traffic laws

·         Community events, festivals, parades, sporting events

·         Crime prevention activities




Application Requirements

Reserve officers have the same minimum qualifications and hiring process as Entry-Level police officers with the exception of the college, military or police certification requirements.


Application Process


Fill out the PDF copy of the Reserve Officer Program Application 

Email completed application to the Reserve Coordinator at PPBReserves@portlandoregon.gov

Take the Test

  1. Schedule the NTN Frontline Written Exam
  2. Select Portland Police Bureau Police Officer
  3. Cost is $49 (Test scores are valid for one year)
  4. Minimum scores to pas s: Reading 70, Writing 70, Video 65


Schedule an Interview

Schedule an introductory interview with the Reserve Coordinator (503) 823-5723

Personal History Statement

Upon review of the application and exam, applicants will be notified if they have met the minimum requirements for the position and have been selected to advance. This notification will provide a  date for applicants to submit the Personal History Statement (PHS).  


Applicants with completed PHS turned in are invited to the Interview Panel.  Bring required documents listed at to the Interview

Physical Ability Test

All applicants are required to take the Physical Ability Test (PAT) or the ORPAT prior to the background investigation. 

Background Investigation/Medical Testing

Applicants passing all phases of the hiring process will undergo a background investigation, which can take up to 16 weeks. Applicants passing the background investigation will be given a conditional hire offer and an appointment will be set up to see a medical doctor and a psychologist. Applicants passing the medical and psychological exam will be given a swearing in date and scheduled for the academy.


For more information contact:

Reserve Coordinator: Officer Brian Pelster
Portland Police Bureau - North Precinct
449 NE Emerson
Portland, OR 97216
(503) 823-5723