Phase 1: The Test

We have partnered with the National Testing Network (NTN) to administer the entry level test to become a Portland Police Officer. This allows our applicants to take the test from anywhere in the country. 

Step 1: Create account with NTN 

Step 2: Schedule your exams with NTN. There are three parts to the 2.5-hour test: a video-based human relations test; a reading ability test; and a written language ability test.   

Please note: There is a $49 fee to take the test. There are scholarship funds available to waive this fee for Portland Police applicants (this will not apply for applications to other agencies). Contact us at 503-823-0333 to apply for this waiver.

Step 3: In order to apply to Portland, elect to have your scores sent to the "Portland Police Bureau Community Police Officer" through NTN. When we receive your test scores from NTN, we will notify you of your status (pass/fail).

If at any time during the process you have concerns or questions, please contact our Personnel Division at 503-823-0333 or the NTN Support Line at 866-563-3882.