Building a Diverse Workforce

Beginning a career as a Portland Police Officer means providing all our residents with professional and fair treatment. We are building a diverse workforce and actively encourage people of color and women to apply.  

Below is a list of resources to improve your intercultural understanding and personal experience. These are suggestions only:


Local resources

Portland's Office of Equity and Human Rights is responsible for providing educational and technical support to City staff and elected officials, leading to recognition and removal of systemic barriers to equitable distribution of resources, access and opportunity, starting with issues of race and disability. This office includes the City's Human Rights Commission and its ongoing subcommittee the Community and Police Relations Committee.

Attend Race Talks events hosted by Uniting to Understand Racism

Visit the Oregon Historical Society, the steward of Oregon’s history that educates, informs, and engages the public through collecting, preserving, and interpreting the past . . . in other words, Oregon history matters.




"Race: The Power of an Illusion"is a video series produced by California Newsreel and aired on PBS that is often very enlightening to viewers about the social construction of race in American society. 

"Slavery by Another Name" is an award-winning documentary that uses historical records and readings to document how American slavery continued for 80 years after Abraham Lincoln’s 1863 Emancipation Proclamation. 

"Unnatural Causes"is the acclaimed documentary series broadcast by PBS and now used by thousands of organizations around the country to tackle the root causes of our alarming socio-economic and racial inequities in health.


Online resources

Assess your own biases by taking the online Harvard Implicit Association Test (click here) which presents a method to test the conscious-unconscious divergences.